About the Founders


We are two dreamers. We have made the conscious decision to create a life that encourages the pursuit of those dreams. We decided to build this business together because telling stories through images inspires us, working side-by-side fulfills us and getting to photograph happy, in-love couples is a pretty fantastic way to make a living. We are natural creatives, and its our creativity that fuels us to produce exceptional photography and cinema year after year.

We believe that weddings should be beautiful and that the most captivating part of the day should be the clearly evident love between the couple (because that’s the true reason for celebration).  We believe in not holding back from the big emotions during a wedding day even if that means happy tears streaming down your face (because make-up can always be touched up).

We believe that the images from your wedding should show the connection you share, the family you love and the moments you will never forget.

We have assembled a team of true artists, people superior in their craft, who share our passion. These are the people you want to document your day. These are the only memories you will have to look back on after the day is over - don’t trust it to just anyone. You get one shot to capture these special moments, you should be confident in who choose and we hope it will be us.

Jacqueline & Chris Fox